29 September 2011

Rosh Hashana 5772

Rosh Hashana marks a period of soul-searching among Jews. We are called upon at this time to account for our actions and our failures to act and to improve our faithfulness to our people, to our laws and to God.
On Rosh Hashana the whole Jewish people should be one soul to our religion, it should be one people living together, in one single country, Israel!
Yes I know it sounds very utopian but this is my wish of this year. It's
a long time that the Nations weren't so "jews-hated" like they are today... Israel is in real danger, not so much by the direct threats of our enemies but I think by the continuos doubt the whole people has throughout their history. We are divided already by the concept, what should be the borders of Israel and the most ironical is that we believe more and more that the Nations should dictate us, what should be the borders of a Jewish state and what should be the borders of a Palestnian state.
This is completely absurd!
Also our capital is a subject of doubt. More than two thousand years we were and we are still praying: "Next Year in Jerusalem" but we are still thinking that maybe two thousand years of exile shouldn't be enough, we are still doubting that maybe not all Jerusalem is ours.., that it isn't maybe our capital...?That the Temple Mount is moslem and has no signification for Judaism? And those sentences are said by the same Jews, living abroad and who are praying every year: " Next Year in Jerusalem..." Isn't this absurd?
Unfortunately I could continue with other and other examples but it is RH and my wish for this new year is peace and just cause for all our forefathers who prayed but couldn't made it to come to Jerusalem because they were murdered by individuals of the Nations of anti-semitism...We should re-comfort them by making a promise that they didn't die in vain and that the whole Jewish people will pray this year: "We are in Jerusalem and we stay in Jerusalem"!


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