06 November 2013

My Questions...

What should I write more? Everything has already been said and repeated in this complicated case of the “Israeli-Arab Conflict”.

Who is right, who is wrong, what is right and what is wrong… And what is wrong for him is maybe right for me and vise-versa...  And this should continue until the End of the Days?

No, it has not to be accepted like this! Surely, that the Knowledge of the Texts of the Bible, the Knowledge of History of Mankind and simply, the Good Will of the members of the Three Monotheistic Religions, are the keys of resolving our (family) problems.

Geographically we are in this particular tiny, little ground of earth where these three conceptions, of the religion in the name of the “One G.” were created.

So in the name of our “common G.”, called still in three different appellations…

And in the name of our LOVE of this little piece of earth called Israel, Palestine or what so ever… let us (for G. sake) sit together around a table and discuss the religion differences for resolving our conflict once and for ever!

And all this in the name of “charity” and in the name of “justice”, which put together means TRUTH (אמת)… And which is definitively known as  to be the role of the "Children of Israel" in our "Common Book"!  

Are we (the Israelis) acting to reach this aim..?
And are the other two partners aware about those texts of the Bible which orders them to act together with us for coming once, not with grace but with our MERIT and not with all the land of Abraham but with our MERIT, to the messianic times..?! 


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