24 November 2013

The Basters of Zionists

What is the right thing to do..??

 In one hand we can't allow Iran to be nuclear and in the other hand the world promised us that Iran will not be nuclear but the world allows the Iranians to enrich uranium in this right moment... and just during the second round of negotiations, for the next six months, this should come to an end!

 So in the meantime they will have enough enriched uranium for building 5 nuke bombs... But in the other way, we have the best system of defense of the world and we could intercept all these five bombs in the sky...! Actually in the sky, above the State of Iraq or Jordan, which (I would guess) will not be very much appreciate by them... And please do not forget that every terrorist organization will have now the facility to buy enriched uranium in Iran...!

 And my last problem is that I'm a professional tour guide in Israel and would be very happy to be able to work in a peaceful atmosphere!!!

 So dear friends from outside of this country, what are you suggesting? Taking in consideration that everything what I wrote about our defense systems is maybe not as safe as it should be...

Oh... I forgot, there is still the possibility of an immediate attack from Israel to the different nuke centrifuges...! How could I forget this... The ideal solution!!!

Israel will attack in a professional and successful way and will eliminate all the dangers the world is exposed to! And guess what... The world will still receive his stinking, fluid thing, called gasoline from Iran and Co. and will still be able to condemn strongly Israel for having AGAIN saved the world ALONE, from this big dilemma...!!

But the more important thing is that the Nations will still be able to condemn.. those basters of Zionists..!!!


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